Welcome to Caffeine and Three

Welcome to a space for all my ramblings on Motherhood,Marriage and Managing Life as it happens to Me.

My name is Christina and I am the creative mind behind this blog. If you find something you like, feel free to leave some love. Hearing about how you relate makes the experience more enjoyable as a reader and the writer

I am an East Coast living, Wife of a Realtor & Stay at home Mom to my 4 beautiful children. God has blessed me with 3 handsome little boys and 1 adorable girl. Motherhood is a job that suits me well.

This is a place to share amazing new products that I love and that help me through managing a tribe of children. I give a real life look at being Mommy and Woman as they co-exist and as they are also two separate entities. Beware, sarcasm runs wild on these pages!


If I can think it, I will write it.

Welcome to Caffeine and Three♥

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