• Motherhood
  • Loving myself for my daughter (w/ Rad Swim)

    When I was younger I truly never envisioned raising a daughter.Honestly it was one of those things where I had pictured myself having all boys for so long, that I forgot I had a 50/50 shot at the opposite happening! The day I found out I was to be expecting a little girl I remember thinking […]

  • Women in Business
  • Support Your Girl Gang (Blog Life)

    When you hear someone say “I’m a blogger” I’m sure you instantly think… “Oh you take lots of pictures and journal”   …so WRONG!!!! So let me clear things up for those of you who don’t quite understand the blogging world. Bloggers are writers,we are conveyors of real life moments and ambassadors for business we […]

  • Women in Business
  • There’s a Peanut in My Belly

    One thing that most people know about me, is I have an addiction to graphic t shirts. There is something so fun about putting my thoughts on my shirts for all to see. The best time to wear fun quotes and humorous sayings is when I am pregnant. I decided that just for reading along […]