• Motherhood
  • A letter to my daughter

    To My Daughter, I remember I wrote to you before you were born,¬†on some lessons I hope to teach you in your life. It’s crazy looking back on that letter and realizing there is so much more I would tell you now that I know who you are. As I celebrate your second birthday today, […]

  • In the House of Boyce
  • Why You should Invest in a Lifestyle Photographer

    I have always been one to appreciate a great photo. Whether it be staged, or completely in the moment, a great photo is a timeless gem. For that exact reason, I wanted to share why I believe you should invest in a good lifestyle photographer. Lifestyle Photography is a growing business, as most families are […]

  • Motherhood
  • “But Why Mom?”

    “But Why Mom?” It’s like children are born knowing this one statement before the thought of speech even becomes a part of daily life. One day I would love to wake up and count how many things I say to my children, that get responded to with a question, statement or argument. Then I would […]