Make Valentine’s Easy with a dinner at Home

For the last eight years Valentine’s Day in my home has been less than “Bachelor worthy”, due to having kids. There have been no elaborate trips, no rose petals sprawled across a luxuriously grand bed with satin sheets, no cute lingerie and no fine dining on a roof top balcony. But even without all that, we still seem to find the love that this holiday is made for.

We usually celebrate the day after Valentine’s Day because everything is half off and the reservations are easier to get. Let’s all admit, as parents the cheaper the better. Of course it’s nice to know there is a holiday to be sappy and celebrate love, but we can do that on the fifteenth of February too.

This year we are planning to stay low-key and celebrate it with our kids. Possibly watch a movie and enjoy a nice dinner as a family at the house. The older our kids get, the more they enjoy celebrating holidays as well. I may decorate the table in a few Valentine’s worthy decorations and plate the table with Stouffer’s lasagna. Nothing screams fine dining, quite like a no-hassle boxed lasagna.With a good bottle of inexpensive Barefoot Reisling for myself and and splurge on juice boxes for the kids everyone should feel like it’s a celebration!!

I have loved using my new picnic basket as a way to take food to parties or a simple backyard picnic. I feel as if I am truly adulting when I use this adorable insulated food holder. I loaded my basket up a few days ago to attend a family dinner and decided I could do the same thing this Valentine’s day as well.

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As parents, we have to work around our situations. Yes I have kids and yes money isn’t pouring from my pockets, but that doesn’t mean I have to forgo a fun holiday celebration. So however you choose to spend it, spend it with people you love doing something fun.

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