Family isn’t always Established on the Wedding Day

It seems so cliche to say that our family started on Valentine’s Day, but that’s the truth and I’m sticking to it. Exactly ten years ago I shared my first amazing Valentine’s with my husband after only dating for two months. I remember it was something out of a romantic movie. The craziest part was, that during the entire evening I was hoping he was planning to propose to Me. How crazy right? Two months in and I’m hoping for a ring?

Now the next part may shock you and some may frown upon it, but it’s truly not for anyone to judge because it has sparked the journey of our beautiful family. That night ten years ago is when God gave us the gift of Life. We were to expect our first child nine months later.

There was no ring, that came eight months after, but that gift of carrying a baby would far surpass a diamond ring. No one can ever determine how fast or slow a relationship should move, because some things happen instantaneously while others take more time. I say, Just trust the journey.

I always felt so badΒ when I would see those Family signs that say “ESTABLISHED” and then have the year the couple wed. I don’t believe our Family was established the year we got married. Yes, we did things a little backwards, but we made it to the end stronger because of it. We now choose to say our Family was “ESTABLISHED 2006” the year we met. Our family began growing after that date and that to us is what’s important.

Here we are celebrating our tenth Valentine’s Day together surrounded by our FOUR beautiful little kids and we couldn’t be more blessed. Life has a crazy way of unfolding itself, but man when it does, it’s amazing.

As a way to celebrate a day that means so very much to my family and Myself, I wanted to give away a customized FAMILY SIGN by the talented Abby ChicΒ to one of my amazing readers to say Thank You for being on this journey with us.

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COMMENT when your family was established!

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  1. Cyanne B says: Reply

    Established in 2009, 3 gorgeous babies later, and missing another Valentine’s Day thanks to the Army, but he never forgets to “surprise” me with a bouquet and chocolate. πŸ˜‰

    1. Ashley Hall says: Reply

      Established 2006. Married 2011.

    2. Christine Strodtbeck says: Reply

      My little family of six was “established” in 1984! I married my High School Sweety after 3 years of dating near & far (he went away to college in 1982)! We have endured many, many trials but by December of 1994 we delivered our fourth childβ™₯️ We just celebrated our 32nd Anniversary! Whoa😳!!! He is still my anchor, my best friend, my partner in all shenanigans & adventures and most of all my LOVEβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️! God Bless, Christine

  2. Liz says: Reply

    2009 πŸ™‚

  3. ashley says: Reply

    my family was established in 2012, just like you my fiancΓ© and i were dating for two months before we found out we were pregnant with our baby girl!

  4. Alicia says: Reply

    Our little family was established in December of 2014 when we found out I was pregnant!

  5. 2013 ❀️

  6. Simpfam says: Reply

    2009 ❀️

  7. Makala says: Reply

    Christina! I love this!!! 😍 Our Family was established in 2010.

  8. I do go by our marriage date so we were established in 2013! Crazy to think how long ago that was already!

  9. Katelyn Canty says: Reply


  10. Laura Wallace says: Reply

    We were established in 2014 when my beautiful little boy was welcomed into our family. We married a year later, and introduced our daughter a year after that. It’s been a busy few years but definitely very rewarding. β™‘β™‘β™‘

  11. Julie Duro says: Reply

    2016❀ The best year of my life!

  12. Establishes in 2011 πŸ™‚

  13. Our family was established in 2010 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹β€

  14. Brittany says: Reply

    2011 when we got married, but all the way back in 2004 we started this journey together! ❀❀

  15. JVH says: Reply

    2012 πŸ’•!

  16. Wynter says: Reply

    We were established on May 1974 !

  17. Hannah says: Reply

    8/22/15 πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  18. Nicole says: Reply

    Well we had one kiddo 2013, and I’m expecting my second in April. But we’ve been together since 2013 and he finally proposed on Christmas of 2016!!! So I’d say 2013. Bc I knew he was going to be my forever.

  19. Such a sweet story! Our was established 2009!

  20. Krista Ferguson says: Reply

    Our family began in 2007. ❀

  21. Amanda says: Reply

    2017 because we’re getting a fur baby!!!! 🐢

  22. Tena Guarino says: Reply

    Valentine’s Day 2009!

  23. Melissa says: Reply

    I met my husband in 2008 and we were married in 2009. We spent almost the whole time in beteeen apart due to internships and differing schedules at school. But we were knew we were meant to be πŸ™‚

  24. Sherri Y says: Reply

    2006 ❀

  25. Rosetta says: Reply

    Established 2010. Tho I can totally relate to wishing for the ring 2 months in. We started dating pretty much knowing that we were going to marry. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰

  26. Megan Sharon says: Reply

    Well our first Valentine’s Day together was 2005. Our first Valentine’s as husband and wife was 2009. So on our 12th Valentine’s we share it with 4 beautiful littles!

  27. Meg oberg says: Reply

    Oberg family established 2015 πŸ€—

  28. Madi McFarland says: Reply

    2012 πŸ’— This post made me thankful for “our story”… We are doing things a little backwards too but honestly we couldn’t be happier, plus we have an amazing almost four year old so it makes life that much sweeter…looooove you and your blog πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    1. Christina says: Reply

      aww this makes me smile. sometimes backwards is the new forwards, am i right? haha -christina

  29. Meg Oberg says: Reply

    Oberg family – 2015!

  30. Krystal says: Reply

    What a sweet story. Our family established in 2012 😍

  31. Sara says: Reply

    2009 ❀❀❀❀

  32. Amber Hester says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2004 πŸ’•

  33. Amy Harmegnies says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2008, my husband proposed on Valentine’s Day 2007, crazy it’s been 10 years!! Love that man so incredibly much

  34. KP says: Reply


  35. Allison says: Reply

    2012 😍

  36. Danielle tovet says: Reply

    Love this … Ours was established in 2013 πŸ’™

  37. Emily Busch says: Reply

    Established 2008!

  38. Juls says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story & reframing what it means to be established as a family. I have often said we were established as JZ in 2009 even though we didn’t officially start dating till January 2010 & got married July 2011.

    1. Christina says: Reply

      people need to not be ashamed of doing it a little backwards. sometimes those of us who do it backwards make it last the longest. xoxo

  39. latresa Strowder says: Reply

    Our family was established 2009. Life is great when God is always present in your household.

  40. Kate Cornwell says: Reply

    Less than one year ago 2016 ❀ ahhh I’d love to win this one!

  41. Jess says: Reply

    2013!! But we met in 2005 and I KNEW he was going to be my husband…we were 17 and 18, but I knew he was my lobster!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      hahaha yes to LOBSTERS!!! this made me smile -christina

  42. Morgan says: Reply

    Our journey began in 2012!

  43. Val Graves says: Reply


  44. Krystal says: Reply

    My family with my kids and was established 2016

  45. 2008 ❀

  46. Michelle says: Reply

    Established 1995…. yikes that’s a long time ago

  47. Krystin Davis says: Reply

    I love your story because we my husband and I did our family backwards as well! Established 2010 ❀️

    1. Christina says: Reply

      cheers to do it a little backwards!!! -christina

  48. Gina G says: Reply

    I believe our family was established in 2003, when I met my now husband’s children from his prior marriage. He knew he and I were a team from that day forward! We’ve added two more children to the family. <3 (I commented and tagged on your Instagram post!)

    1. Christina says: Reply

      How beautiful to come together to love children that may not be yours. That brings me such joy. Congrats to building a strong family -christina

  49. Melissa Coston says: Reply

    2012! ❀😊😊

  50. Jess Manfull says: Reply

    Manfull Est. 2013 πŸ’˜πŸ’•

  51. Damaris says: Reply

    2013! Also the day we found out we were expecting!

  52. Shalisa says: Reply

    2013 πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’™

  53. Lacey McComas says: Reply

    My family was established in 2007! I was 14 and he was 16 at the time. We’ve been inseperable ever since! Married in 2010, and have our 5th baby on the way now! πŸ™‚

    1. Christina says: Reply

      Now thats a love story! -christina

  54. Allison Mawokomatanda says: Reply

    Established 2014, we have our baby in heaven Mudiwa and now our rainbow baby Noah. <3

  55. Love this! Our family began in 2009 when we met πŸ™‚

  56. Bethany says: Reply

    The sweetest! We were established in 2012 and it’s been a busy adventure ever since!

  57. Alicia beach says: Reply

    Established 2008 😍

  58. Jackie says: Reply

    2013 but I feel like we did things backwards too and I still don’t have an engagement ring! It doesnt matter though because we have a beautiful daughter and are expecting #2 in May ❀❀❀

    1. Christina says: Reply

      i agree. love is bound by more than the ring…although im sure you still want the ring too hahaha. -christina

  59. Lupita Gomez says: Reply

    Established 2014 πŸ‘ΆπŸ• best 3 years πŸ’ž

  60. Savannah Manning says: Reply

    Est. 2013

  61. Trisha Krcmarik says: Reply

    25 years ago today! Established 1992!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      OMG HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. thats so amazing and something to be proud of. -christina

  62. Ours was established in 2008. ❀❀❀ Love your story.

  63. Rita says: Reply

    2011 ❀️️ We were acquaintances since 2005 and realized God had kept us blinded from each other after a spontaneous road trip to visit mutual friends gave us numerous hours together in a car in 2010. Just over a year later he proposed and we were married 6 months after that. Now we are a happy family of 5! πŸ’πŸ»πŸ‘²πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

    1. Christina says: Reply

      this is a cool story!!!! -christina

  64. Established 2009. Although I’ve known my husband since I was 16…thank God we didn’t date then or it would have never worked out lol…our first son was born 9/11/10…the day before our 1 year wedding anniversary…needless to say we have never really celebrated our anniversary because our son’s day trumps ours and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Loved reading this blog and I couldn’t agree more <3

  65. Shayna says: Reply

    Established 2012!! I have sort of the same story after dating for only a few months I was pregnant and got married a month later and now have 2 beautiful girls and have been married 4 years:)

  66. Lynne says: Reply

    We were established in 2011 ❀

  67. Ashley Daniello says: Reply

    Established 2015 ❀ Its been the most beautiful ride too!

  68. Rachel German says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2013. And then began growing in 2016! Even though he’s always been a great daddy to my puppies. πŸ˜‰

  69. Marlena says: Reply

    Established in 2011 and became a family of 3 in 2015. Still no wedding date, oops πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

  70. Met online: 03/2011
    Met face to face: 6/15/2011
    Engaged: 11/23/2011
    Married: 6/15/2012
    We were “established” in 2012 EVEN though I mess up at times and say 2013 #mombrain.

    1. Christina says: Reply

      i love that you have all the dates. I do that too and it drives ryan nuts!!

  71. Betty chiaramonte says: Reply

    Established 9-10-11 πŸ™‚

  72. Gail Daniels says: Reply

    2013. Married in May, pregnant in June, and life has been a beautiful journey since!

    I love yall’s story, and it’s one to be proud of! No one human can define the exact way a family or relationship should grow – just God and his amazing vision.

    Praying for y’all and many, many, more decades of love for you and Ryan. Brim and I are blessed to have y’all in our lives! ❀ Happy Family-versary!

  73. Kelly says: Reply

    We started dating in 2007, married in 2010, then 2 babies in 2013 and 1 in 2016. Love that our family just keeps growing almost 10 years in!

  74. Jamie says: Reply

    We were married in 2012 but I’d say our family was established when I found out we were expecting our first, in 2014. I’d love to say 2009 when we met but we were just a man and a woman until we started a family.

  75. Lauren says: Reply

    we were established in 2013 but 2015 OUR family was officially!😊

  76. Our beautiful family was est. 2008 and it’s been an amazing, difficult, yet lovely journey! God bless you and your family!

  77. Kristi says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2014!

  78. Kate says: Reply

    Established 2010 πŸ™‚ such s great day! Then we welcomed our miracle baby in 2014 and then fun really began ❀️

  79. Patti Ruby says: Reply

    My family was established in 2003

  80. Danni says: Reply

    2003. We married in 2008, and had our first baby in 2010. But we went through a lot to confirm our commitment in those first 5 years. 14 years this June!

  81. Elliotica says: Reply

    Est. 2010

  82. Kelly Brown says: Reply

    We have a rocky past, we were together for awhile, me a single mom of 2 girls and him a single dude living the life…but we broke up and a few months later I married someone else…6 months later we divorced because I just couldn’t stop talking or thinking about Joel…he and I started hanging out again and found out we were pregnant with our son!! He was born in 2010 so that’s when we were officially established and then married in 2011 and had our daughter in 2012!! So we are a big happy family of 6 and even though our past is rocky without it we wouldn’t be where we are today!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      see that’s why i always say…even if it takes a little longer, or sometimes go of course…the best love stories always find a way to happen! Cheers to y’all for finding each other again.

  83. Shannon Fastnacht says: Reply


  84. Jessica Fletcher says: Reply

    We met in 2009 in high school. We got married in 2013 but our family began in 2015 😍

  85. Ashley says: Reply

    Love your story; love doesn’t have to be conventional to be true. Our little family was established in 2013 in every way. We got pregnant on our wedding night and so two became three so quickly but we absolutely loved it!!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      how beautiful of a love story is that!!! Cheers

  86. Alyssa says: Reply

    Oh man..we married in 2009 when I was 5 months pregnant but we met when I was 16 in 2003.

  87. Cori Icenbice says: Reply

    My family was established in 2008 when I met my adorable husband! We had a honeymoon baby in 2013 and our second baby was born in 2015 πŸ™‚ love my family! And I love seeing pics of your beautiful family as well!

  88. Lisa Brown says: Reply

    2004! ❀

  89. Meagan Parker says: Reply

    Love this Christina! The Parker Family was established in 2005! Almost 12 years strong and love my family more and more each day!

  90. Lindsay says: Reply

    2014! We eloped on a Wednesday after work after never having dated, we were just friends for 4 years and then decided we couldn’t take it anymore! 2 months later we found out we were expecting our first daughter, who joined us 2 days before Valentine’s Day in 2015, 2 days later on Valentine’s Day we got to take her home! In July of 2015 we discovered we were expecting our second daughter who would join us in March of 2016. Now our beautiful little family is complete, but it started with the two of us πŸ’• And I love your story and that you were a little “backwards” all of the best love stories are.

  91. Kim says: Reply

    Wouldn’t this be your 12th Valentine’s Day together? πŸ€” As 2006 was 11 years ago, not 10? Ours was established in 2008, after also getting pregnant with our first, of four, babies 2 months into the relationship! We were high school sweethearts though, who just had a 10 year break in between before meeting again, falling in love & starting our family ❀️

  92. Chelsea says: Reply

    My little family was established in2016. And like you, we did things a little out of order and got engaged 13 days prior to our baby boy being born, married 10 days before he was born. I guess we really just like the month of February.

  93. Sarah Osborne says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story! ❀ My husband proposed after 4 months of dating so I totally get the whole “moving fast” thing 😊. Our family was established in 2008

  94. Taylor says: Reply

    Love love this post! Also, I absolutely adore your insta! My husband and I just got married this past June and are expecting our first baby this July <3 however, we were established in the fall of 2009. 7 years and going strong!

  95. Allie Pust says: Reply

    I love this! Pust family established 2000.

  96. Becca says: Reply

    Id say we were established in June 2013 Engaged April 2014
    Married June 2014
    Hunter was born June 2015
    & Wyatt is due April 2017 haha

  97. Brittney says: Reply

    I think your story is beautiful, and that God always planned for your family ❀

    We were established in 2015, married in 2016, and hopefully we’ll be expecting in 2017!

  98. Lindsey Willis says: Reply

    Established 2012! Love the sign! And your beautiful family!

  99. Silvia Salgado says: Reply

    Established May 26th 2007. Just a couple of young kids who’ve fallen in love and keep doing so everyday. 10 years this May we have a wonderful and beautiful story and life to look forward to.

  100. Ashley Moore says: Reply

    We were “established” 2009! Met in 2009, bought our home in 2011, married in 2012, and had our first baby in 2015! We have a lot of dates but it all started back in 09 πŸ™‚

  101. Amanda says: Reply

    June 23 2007

  102. Lizzie says: Reply

    Our family will be established in 2018- when we say I do! We’ve been dating since 2012 and while we look forward to the future and all it will hold, we so enjoy this chapter we’re in right now! ❀ I love that you shared your story! God clearly had big plans for the Boyces! I think your story is beautiful.

  103. Nicole says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2009. πŸ™‚

  104. Dyanne says: Reply

    Love your story!!! My family was established September 2nd, 2011. We had our first boy January 2013 and our second boy April 2016!! Love seeing your pics on instagram. You have a beautiful family. ☺

  105. Becky McCafferty says: Reply

    Established 2005, married in 2008

  106. Jennifer Dobbs says: Reply

    Est. 2013. Three and half years later moved three times and two kiddos 2 and 11months. One world wind of a life but wouldn’t change a thing.

  107. Brandy says: Reply

    My fam was established in 2015 ❀️ I want to wish this giveaway for my girl amanda who just had her third baby this weekend!❀️

  108. Quiana Earley says: Reply

    Established 2013.
    Married 2014.

  109. Raewyn says: Reply

    I completely agree that a family doesn’t begin when you get married! I have considered my husband a part of our family since we were just best friends in high school!

  110. Lindsey S. says: Reply

    We were married in 2009 so that is when I say our family was established, by we didn’t have our little girl until 2014!

  111. Kaytee says: Reply

    May 31, 1992– the day my then boyfriend’s parents packed his stuff in garbage bags and drove him to my apartment and said to me, “you want him, you can have him!”
    They weren’t happy with our relationship and didn’t want him to be with me.
    We got married in June of 94 (a wedding they didn’t attend) and have been married ever since!
    Also have four kids they never see.

    1. Christina says: Reply

      WOW now thats a story

  112. 2013 πŸ’™πŸ˜

  113. Kim Shelton says: Reply

    2008! We were having a relationship for 2 years flying back and forth between Germany and the States! After college I packed my little suitcase and left everything behind! People thought I would make a huge mistake! Different country, bigger age gap, 2 people with two different cultural backgrounds. We got married in 2010 and had 6 wonderful years just the two of us full of travels, moves, adventures! But the biggest adventure we started this year: parenthood! I absolutely love our journey and it proves, love knows no boundaries!

  114. Married 2008. Family established in 2014. Family changed the game for us.

  115. Amanda says: Reply

    We met in February 2003, were married in 2007, had our first child in 2012 and are adding number 2 in 2017 (but shhh, don’t tell anyone :))

    1. Christina says: Reply

      its our little secret πŸ™‚ Congrats by the way.

  116. My little family was established in 2012 but we are hoping and praying to add a new addition soon and that will be when we truly feel “established” as our family. πŸ’•

  117. Amy Gordon says: Reply

    We became official on 11-11-11 a date I had to fight to get lol (Very popular)!!!! ❀️

  118. Katie Rindfleisch says: Reply

    Established in 2010! 2 kids and husband in medical school! What a journey. πŸ˜‰

  119. Beautiful post! Our family was established in 2011. Ahome, 3 kiddos, and a few career moves later makes for a wild but wonderful ride!

  120. Jennifer Oates says: Reply

    Love this! Established in 2010 when we got married, but have known each other since we were kids. We created the most loving, and adorable kids in 2013 and 2015. Then we moved the same year my second was born six hours north away from any friends or family for my husbands career, as well as to better our family. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I love the life we created together.

  121. Shauna says: Reply


  122. Kasey Wilson says: Reply

    Love this! Our family was established in 2014!

  123. Christina Arsenault says: Reply

    2008!!! ❀️❀️❀️ We met in 2008 but married in 2010…. but I love the sound of “established” in 3008 because that’s when our journey began!

    1. Christina Arsenault says: Reply

      Okay make that 2008… definitely not 3008 πŸ˜‚

      1. Christina says: Reply

        bahaha its like you can see into the future!! I got what you meant love. -christina

  124. Established 7/14/14 ❀️❀️❀️

  125. Suzanne Fizzano says: Reply

    2007 ❀️

  126. Easton says: Reply

    Established 2010. Married 2016. I love the idea of the established date, never thought of it that way before ❀️❀️

  127. Brittney says: Reply

    Established 2010 ❀

  128. Mary Murphy says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2003. The best mistake I’ve ever made! I say mistake because it wasn’t my life plan to be a mom at age 20 but now I call it my greatest blessing. God had better plans for me. We are a family of four and have been married for almost 12 years. I have also thought about this in the past on weather to use wedding year or first born child’s year of birth. I feel we became a family when we became parents or a “team” so 2003 it is for our home!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      all the heart eyes for this one mama.

  129. Holli Burr says: Reply

    My little family was Est. 2014.

  130. Mia says: Reply

    2006 when our first son was born😍

  131. Shannon Kajihiro says: Reply

    Established in 2001. Married in 2007 with baby number one following 9 months later. πŸ˜‰ Technically we were established the day he walked into the elevator at our junior college…I knew I’d marry that boy, and I did. SO many things had to fall in to place for us to have a chance, and they did. You could call it luck, or fate or destiny but I call it Jesus. Thankful he walked into that elevator. ❀️

  132. Ellen Hayes says: Reply

    Established in 2016!!

  133. Lauren says: Reply

    Met and started dating in 2012, married in 2015 πŸ˜„

  134. Alissa Gietz says: Reply

    Such a beautiful sign! Gietz Family established 2010.

  135. 1999 – and of course in my head as I am writing it I can hear Prince singing it. 😝 I love your story – thank you for sharing!

  136. Tiffany says: Reply

    My family was established 2011. We moved fast and I was pregnant after three months! When you meet the one you just know! I have a beautiful little girl from before we met, we welcomed a son in 2012, got married in 2013 and had another daughter in 2014! I know I am with the man God made for me, and I knew it the moment we started dating. I love your story, because I felt the same way. Thanks so much for always being real and genuine!

  137. Britni Maher says: Reply

    2014 was the year we started dating. Since then we’ve added two amazing fur babies to our fam!

  138. Beth Geiger-Boucher says: Reply

    Established In 2013

  139. Mandy Kelly says: Reply

    Established 2008 // Married 2013 // first baby 2016 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  140. Danielle Brodie says: Reply

    Love your story! 2009 for our family ❀

  141. Chrissie kemick says: Reply

    I didn’t enter to win but I had to order one this morning. Kemick family est 2007 courtesy of one handsome aidan. ❀️

  142. Lindsay Boyden says: Reply

    2013! Married then quickly had babies in 2014, 2015 and 2017! πŸ™‚

  143. Heather Freeman says: Reply

    Our family was established in 2013. I was made a mother in 2011. He was made a father in 2006 and we made our love spill over onto a new baby in 2016. Married after 10months of courtship & moved in together after the wedding. Our wedding date was 10.25.14. Lots of love in our family & we don’t have any steps in our family. Only the ones leading to the basement. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ even though it’s his, mine & ours for the kids, all 3 of them belong to us and God gave these children to us for a reason. πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈ

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