My exciting new adventure {Shop Stevie}

For a while now I have been waiting to find that one thing that made me feel, EXCITED!!

Today I can finally announce that I have found that something. As of October 31st I will be a rep for the clothing line Shop Stevie. If you are scratching your head thinking, “What is that?”, don’t worry you are not alone. Most of the popularity of Shop Stevie is centered in Utah where the company was founded by Stevie Henderson and her husband Trevor Henderson, which you can read more about them here.


After giving a lot of thought (and I do mean A LOT) my husband and I agreed that this would be a great adventure for me. Sometimes as a mother we lose sight of things that bring us joy. We are constantly making sure everyone else is taken care of and their needs are met. It wasn’t until a few months after Conor was born, that I realized I felt the urge to do something for myself.

I knew that I mattered as a mother and a wife, but I wanted to matter as a female too. I knew I was capable of doing something great with my time and resources if I could just find what that was. So here I am. The newest face of Shop Stevie!!!

One of the main reasons I decided to take on this new chapter in my life, ¬†I am passionate about it. I love every piece in the collection (even things I wouldn’t normally wear). I am proud to say that the clothing is affordable and won’t make our spouses shoot us the evil eye after a purchase!!! The collection, in my opinion is very classy. I can have an “on the go” look or a “date night” look and feel beautiful in either style.


I am so ready to start this new business and I only hope that you come along for the ride! Follow me on my new Instagram page here , which is solely for my Shop Stevie posts. I will also update this when I get my official website for you all to purchase through. I will be sharing inventory on all my social media sites for your to shop through. As soon as everything is ready to go Live, I will make an announcement!

Lastly, if you are in Virginia (Hampton Roads area) please feel free to email me about  viewing parties I will be hosting once inventory starts arriving. Everyone needs a reason to buy clothes and drink wine with other gals in town!!!

As for now, I just had to share the news because who doesn’t love cute clothes!?!


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  1. Gloria says: Reply

    I have a quick question, first of all your blog is amazing. Christina I wanted to asked you if you are still a rep for shop Stevie? I am researching the company to see if it’s something I would like to invest in. What are some things you like and also some things you didn’t like with the company? Thank you.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Ashley says: Reply

    Hi there, I am considering being a rep for this company as well. I am curious what your experience was and if you would recommend someone else to try it. Thank you!

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