Lularoe for every size, in every season

Attention Ladies:

Big girls,small girls

Short girls and Tall

Wide hips,big butts

small boobs and all…

Lularoe is your one stop shop for feeling fun, fearless and feminine. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, there is a style for every size, shape and season in the Lularoe collection.

Over the last year I have worked along side my sorority sister Rozalyn O’Toole as she has started her journey into Lularoe and then became a Lularoe Trainer, with more than 30 woman on her team. I’ve had the ability, through blogging, to help her spread the word about her business. Nothing makes me happier than teaming up with people who are genuine and passionate about what they do! Rozalyn radiates pure joy for her customers and her company.


You can follow along her journey on both Facebook and Instagram. She is a mother to her son Jameson and loving wife to her husband Mike. Together they work to constantly build her business and bring amazing customer service to her supportive client base.

Rozalyn has created a space where woman can rely on her to; host quality online Flash sales, give timely delivery, front porch pick ups and honest reviews of new products she receives. In a very saturated market, Rozalyn has found a way to make her Lularoe company stand out.


dress: Julia

Each season, women of all color and size and background, anticipate the designs released by Lularoe. In fall we all flock to Flash Sales in hopes of getting the most sought after leggings. In spring we want to be the proud owners of the newest Madison skirts. In summer it’s all about bright and bold colors on our Carly dresses. Lularoe truly has become more than just clothes… it’s a freedom of expression.

No longer are women afraid to step out in loud patterns and in your face prints. We want to be seen and visually heard. Lularoe is helping women own WHO THEY ARE. With people like Rozalyn offering the quickest ways to obtain your Lularoe swag, it’s hard to find a reason not to invest in a piece or two.


skirt: Azure

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  1. I love Lularoe – those styles look amazing on you. It’s so great to find a company that works for so many different people ❤️

  2. Sara says: Reply

    Lularoe is wonderful! I love the clothes and the positive impact it has on the lives of many great friends!!!

  3. I keep hearing such good things about Lularoe!!

  4. Have you tried the Cassie skirt?! I am obsessed! I am short and thick and never thought a skirt like that could look good on me, but it s so flattering! It s about to become my staple wardrobe piece for summer!

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