Loving myself for my daughter (w/ Rad Swim)

When I was younger I truly never envisioned raising a daughter.Honestly it was one of those things where I had pictured myself having all boys for so long, that IΒ forgot I had a 50/50 shot at the opposite happening!

The day I found out I was to be expecting a little girl I remember thinking to myself “What will I tell her about life and all the ups and downs of it all?”

My daughter is almost two years old and in such a short time, she has taught me so much about myself as a woman. She has also made me hyper aware of how I judge myself and speak about myself. I never want to teach her to think she is anything less than perfect.

The last few weeks had been hard on me, due to summer festivities and the task of finding a bathing suit that made me feel more human, less blubbery mess that had been squished into spandex material. I came across a site that made flattering swim suits not just for adults, but for little girls as well. As I scrolled through Rad Swim‘s collection I was instantly in love with the Mommy and Me Kylee suits.

Untitled design (7)

First off, I hate ordering anything offline because I cant try it on first. Like most women, I am super picky of all my “not so flattering” zones. I figured the suits were too darn cute to pass up and went ahead with it. When they arrived I was nervous to try mine on. My daughter on the other hand, was ecstatic. She tried taking off the clothes she was wearing just to put her suit on.

At what age do we stop treating life like a small child? She had no care in the world about her pudgy belly, her thigh rolls or whether the cut was just right. (Clearly she doesn’t know to think about these things, but that’s the point) All she cared for was this fun new bathing suit that she needed to put on IMMEDIATELY!

I went in my room and closed the door. Before I showed my husband, I had to critique myself first. (Sad but it’s true). Truth is I loved how the suit made me feel. Everything was tucked in and in place.( How often does that happen on the first try?!) When I came out of the room, wearing the same suit as my little girl she was so happy! My husband looked at me and smiled “It looks really good on you!” Instantly I felt myself stand taller. I pulled my shoulders back and held my head up.

I felt sexy in a bathing suit!!!


( Yes all you lovelies at Rad Swim, you made a mom of four feel sexy in a one piece)

It was at that moment that I realized something very important. My daughter doesn’t care that my hips are big. My daughter has no clue that my boobs aren’t perky. My daughter could care less that my tummy isn’t tight like it used to be. All she cared about, was that Mommy looked like her.

Whether I am rocking a Rad Swim bathing suit to the pool or a parka to the mountains, I hope my daughter continues to teach me to see myself the way she sees HERSELF…just as she is. The world makes us believe that we are less than perfect. Social media and main stream television… It’s all a lie.

My one goal in life is to raise my daughter to believe that she is the best damn thing to ever walk the earth and never for a moment to let the world allow her to doubt that.

It may have started with a simple online purchase from Rad Swim but it ended with a life lesson in loving myself because she loves me more.


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  1. Linsey Reynolds says: Reply

    Thank you for this! I have a 3 year old daughter and this is a struggle for me. I am at the heaviest ive ever been but learning to love myself! I am loving high waisted bathing suits right now:)

    My Instagram is @linren84

  2. Kate Roehl says: Reply

    I totally feel you! Although I only have one child, I just haven’t felt myself since having her! She is almost 20 months old and I totally thought I’d be “back to normal” by now. The truth is, I am normal, just different now. I love following you and feel like I absolutely relate to you! Being a mom is hard… But it’s so amazing too. I absolutely love this suit! I wanted to order one of hers before I went to the beach this summer, but I was too late in ordering it and wouldn’t have it by the time I left. I really love this one, and would live to win it! I too want my daughter to know we are beautiful in whatever skin we have! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Oops, here’s my Instagram name— @k_roehl

  4. Amy zabriskie says: Reply

    Everything you have said was completely true! Having a daughter learn to love herself starts with us loving ourselfs.

  5. Love this! It is so hard to find a swimsuit to feel good in, especially after having a baby. I am going to say the Breanne is my favorite because, it’s my name AND it is floral. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ yes please!


  6. Alisha Jones says: Reply

    This was great. Thank you for sharing❀ You and your mini me are absolutely adorable! That suit looks so flattering… I’m totally going to order one now!

  7. Laikin Walker says: Reply

    Love love love that suit!! I’m currently 9 mos pregnant with my 4th daughter, and absolutely loved this post! πŸ’• Definitely will be needing this suit next summer, and I am ALL for matching with my babies πŸ™‚ [ig name @laikinwalker]

  8. Shannon says: Reply

    You look smokin mama! I love that style swimsuit!! I need one for my trip to myrtle beach in September! @shannonelainethomas

  9. Alyson says: Reply

    Hey Christina! So I have a son that is two and I feel that I must keep a positive body image for myself as well. Even though he will not grow up thinking about his curves, I want him to understand that it’s so important to feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself the way God made you. Thank you for the post! You keep me believing that it’s ok to be a crazy, sometimes out of control, but always loving mother. PS my favorite style is the Jane or the Kylee tankini.

    1. Christina says: Reply

      I couldnt agree more. Boys grow into men…who need to help lift women up not critique them on their looks. keep raising them up mama

  10. Courtney says: Reply

    Love this post!!!! Everything in it!!! And I’m obsessed with the suit you and your daughter are wearing. It’s peerrrfection! My IG handle is @loveofmommyhood 😊😊

  11. I am obsessed with the peplum style! I may have to buy it if I don’t win! πŸ˜‰ Great post by the way. You are beautiful, friend! @bakingbabybrown

  12. Anna Schulte says: Reply

    Thank you for always keeping it real! You ladies look absolutely amazing in your matching suits! One favorite?! No way…. The Ella, Breanne and Krystal will be having a new home soon!! Thank you for sharing, the post was AWESOME! @mrs_schulte_757

  13. Alex says: Reply

    Love this!!!!! And I’m loving the breanne bathing suit as well! It’s stylish and ooooooooooo I’m in love!!!!!

  14. Alex says: Reply

    Love this!!!!! And I’m loving the breanne bathing suit as well! It’s stylish and ooooooooooo I’m in love!!!!! @alexandra.e_3

  15. This is so sweet. And you both look adorable!!

  16. Candace says: Reply

    My mom and I were just having this conversation. My daughter just turned 1 and I HAVE to start being kinder to myself for her sake… Thank you for posting this. And you look fabulous!

  17. Shari R says: Reply

    It’s hard to chose just one bathing suit. I think they are all amazing and look super flattering. Stepping out of my comfort zone I like the Heather with the fringe! Although I also love the one you are wearing!!

    I will have to try ordering one!

    Instagram- slrussen

  18. Shannon Aguirre says: Reply

    I have always struggled with my body image. I have a 6 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter and have learned how important it is to talk about “being healthy” not “losing weight.” I love this post and these suits that promote positive body image and confidence for mommies and littles. My favorite is the Breanne. It doesn’t get cuter than florals and stripes!
    -Shannon @shanny_jean

  19. Abby says: Reply

    Even though I don’t have a daughter I still believe in raising my son to love his body. Thank you for this! I love all the styles they have but it’s a tie between the Kylee or Taylor. Both seem like they can hold these DD milk jugs haha. @hernamewasboom

    1. Christina says: Reply


  20. Nicole Bierod says: Reply

    Well said! “We must appreciate ourselves before someone else can.” LOVE this bc how true?! I am totally wanting to try a one piece hi-waisted swim piece right now! Xoxo


  21. Julia H. says: Reply

    Love this and your realness!! I hope to have a daughter one day to be able to teach her to value herself in the body God gave her.πŸ’—
    I’m totally digging the Breanne, florals and stripes?! Totally my jam!πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜
    [ IG: @julia_haus ]

  22. Chelsea Janelle says: Reply

    I love this style of suit – very cute!

    1. Chelsea Janelle says: Reply

      IG @chels_janelle

  23. I love the Nicole bathing suit!! @ansonandme πŸ˜‰

  24. Emily says: Reply

    This is such a great post!! My favorites are the Breanne or Jane. Adorable!! Ig: emily_winn

  25. Christa says: Reply

    You look great!! I love it! And they are reasonably priced to as soon as I saw this I went and checked them out! I love the breanne print and it looks like she is making it into a peplum which would be awesome since I’m so tall one pieces are tricky!
    Insta: Christaleannn

  26. Mary Murphy says: Reply

    I love the swimsuit you chose! You look great and can not tell you’ve had four beautiful kids. I was in my twenties when I had my kids and I have never gone back to wearing a bikini… My stomach has stretch marks and I just came to the realization that rocking a tankini was in my future! I love the Kylee tankini top because it has underwire. It is so hard to find a young mom cute stylish tankini. Definitely need to order one soon!

    1. @maryfmurph

  27. Laurel Healey says: Reply

    The kylee tankini is 😍😍😍 so amazingly perfect!!!! I, too, am struggling with raising a daughter to not share the same body issues I’ve always fought with. Here’s to loving ourselves!! Instagram name is @scatter3. Thanks again for sharing!! 😘

  28. Girl, I LOVE THIS! I have been so much more aware of how I criticize myself, especially out loud because Em is learning how to love herself by watching how I love myself. You are such an inspiration and I seriously, seriously LOVE this! You look SO good and I’m not just saying that to make you feel good. These suits are just adorable!! Even if I don’t win, I may just have to splurge for the little mama and I! 😘 My fav suits are the peplum one, the crotchet top one, and the Sydney. IG handle: @alittlethriftychic

    1. Christina says: Reply

      well for what its worth I find you very beautiful…in that non creepy kinda way hahaha

  29. Stacy says: Reply

    This post is great! I’ve been struggling with this too and need to get better. This suits are amazing and so so cute!!


  30. Maria says: Reply

    I love love love these swimsuits and I am so excited that I am due with a girl in November because oh my goodness…matching! I love floral and polka dot, and I have seen some super cute mommy and me sets on their site! Also, this post made me tear up. I am only halfway through this pregnancyand I’m already feeling self conscious about this new body (even though it is doing amazing miraculous things!) But I needed to hear the words you wrote. Love to you! Oh and IG is @pineapplesandperidot

    1. Christina says: Reply

      DO not ever believe for a second you arent beautiful! Not one of us looks the same and that’s the beauty of the world. you are special in your very own way. Let your daughter grow up knowing that too. I adore you mama

  31. Sheila says: Reply

    I love this!! You have totally addressed my fears of having a daughter. But even with my son I’ve been more aware of what I say about my own body because I don’t want him hearing what I usually think in my head about myself and then judging other women by those standards later. (Does that make sense?)
    My favorite suit from them is the Jane! And that’s my middle name πŸ˜‰ But a close runner up to my favorite is the Heather. RadSwim does an amazing job at making cute and modest swim suits!
    My Instagram name is @thesheilajane 😊

    1. Christina says: Reply

      makes complete sense!!!! raise them right mama..youre doing great!

  32. Donna says: Reply

    I can’t wait for the day I have a little girl to dress up as my mini me. But I dread the day that I know will come when she is critical of herself the same as I or any other young girl did. It is the struggle that will always be there unless we set the precedent of teaching positive body image. These bathing suits are not only adorable but look comfortable and not baring all. The Jane is my favorite oblong with trixie tie-dye. You and your daughter are just adorable!!

  33. Jennifer Simpson says: Reply

    I love everything about this Christina. I have similar thoughts about this even raising boys. The women in their life will reflect how they see their mom. What kind of women do I want in their life? Shallow, self conscious and looking for approval, or modest, confident, and relying on God over others approval? I have a long way to go! My favorite suits are the 50s style one pieces. So so cute. IG @jenniferksimpson

  34. Jennie Stroup says: Reply

    Love this! I have a 6 month old son, he’s on the very small side weight wise ( <1 percentile).. And he's teaching me that just because you don't fit the standard or what people think you should be.. Doesn't mean you are not healthy, happy and beautiful! <3. Love these suits!! The only one piece I have (well borrowed) is the one my mom had when I was younger, think it's time for my own mommy one! fav suit Breanne!! Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! Instagram:jstroup303.

  35. Emily says: Reply

    This post is beyond perfect. We need to set good examples for our daughters. We’re going to the beach in a couple weeks and I have been so unhappy with my body but I’ve decided…eff it! I’m putting on a swim suit. Who cares! Now I need to order the Breanne 😍 @emilywondree

  36. Love this and RAD swimsuits! Keep up the great work mama.

    Suit: Breanne

  37. Lindsay Teeters says: Reply

    Your picture is priceless! I’m trying hard to create positive images for my two boys and little girl. I don’t want them to hate their bodies like I did. These suits are so cute and I am so excited to finally have a little I can dress up. All the suits are adorable! The Kylee and the Heather suits are fab!!
    Instagram handle: @lindsayteeters

    Thank you &I have a fabulous day!!

  38. Kirby says: Reply

    Love this post!! Love all the suits @Radswim!!

  39. Hayli says: Reply

    I love this!! I cannot wait to have a daughter someday & to dress her as my little mini me :)You’re truly amazing and set a good example for people! keep up the good work!! Xx

    HAYLI {@haylsyaa_}

    1. Christina says: Reply

      that was so sweet of you to write. thanks love

  40. Hayli says: Reply

    Oh, & I love all suits. Especially the high waisted ones πŸ˜‰

  41. Brittany Walter says: Reply

    Love everything about this post! I love the Breanne swimsuit. Keep being positive about your body!!! You look awesome!! @bwalter08

  42. Jill says: Reply

    I love rad swim!!! Currently the Stephanie is my fave but that changes frequently because I love them all! Insta handle is @jillburrowsphotography

  43. Liz says: Reply

    I love the high waist look! I have yet to try one on… Gotta actually get to the store first haha so I am rocking a one piece this summer. I love the style you have on bc it mimicks the high waist look with the function of the one piece! Xoxo @mommalowe

  44. Courtney says: Reply

    I just love your blog because you speak the truth! I don’t have a little girl but I feel the same way for my son and I’m sure you do too. I keep telling myself my son is a reflection of me so I must do the best for the sake of him. Thanks for being you! I absolutely love the Sydney or the Trixin tye-dye. @courtneenestor

  45. My favorite suit is the Heather!!!! I totally feel ya on the bathing suit fiasco post baby….my little guy is 3 months old & it just isn’t the same rocking a bikini this year. I’ve been wanting a cute one piece for a while now. My Instagram name is manders_b ☺️

  46. Mayen says: Reply

    It’s been ages since I’ve worn a bathing suit! And you and your little gal look too cute in your matching suits! My favorite swim style has always been a top that covers my stomach with swim shorts. I don’t like to show a whole lot but I do LOVE the style swim suit you are wearing and would love different options to choose if I won! IG handle: mayen_guerra_ruiz

  47. Kelli says: Reply

    Oh, these are THE cutest!!! I love the Heather and Jane suits, but really they’re all awesome.


  48. Heather + Little Heather for my Delta Mae and I! Love these suits. Thanks for the introduction! <3

    IG @brettni

  49. Alicia says: Reply

    I really love the Ella or Sydney swim suit styles! Super cute!! Thanks for the post and giveaway chance! @ciamass

  50. I am so hard on my own body after having 3 kids…I’d love a bathing suit to make me feel better about my looks! The suit you and your daughter have is definitely my favorite. Adorable! Oh, and my IG handle is @iliterallylol

  51. Jamie says: Reply

    I’m loving them all especially the Sydney and breanne!

    IG handle is @jllebak

  52. Melanie says: Reply

    LOVE your blog post! I have a young daughter also, many times I do the same thing, critique myself, especially in a bathing suit! My daughter is of course oblivious to it all and she totally walks around saying “I am SO cute, I have a pretty face.” I absolutely admire her confidence and I am trying to be more confident in my body now after carrying 3 children! Your post definitely hit home with me! Your awesome girl, keep up the great work! I SO enjoy following you on Instagram! And as to which bathingsuit I would chose, how can anyone pick just one!! I love the Breanne, Jane, Kylee(because my daughter would love it if we were not only besties but twinsies too), and the Heather!

  53. Melanie says: Reply


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