I love Smiley Pits

It was a car ride home from church last week that made me realize I can’t live without my new deodorant Smiley Pits. Doesn’t the name just make you chuckle?!

The sun was shining and the windows were down. With my arms above my head I looked at my husband and boldly said, “Smell my arm pit!” Look, when you have been together for a decade this kind of stuff is normal. The only thing that wasn’t normal about the situation, is that ever since my last baby was born I have been embarrassed of my body odor.

I had called my doctor to ask if my birth control was causing my hormones to flare up and create unpleasant body odor, to which they replied “ I don’t think so, but you never know” There I was, worried that I would now be the Smelly Mom at Outdoor Play dates. Luckily while at a friends graduation party I was told about a new deodorant line made by two local mom’s.


God usually gives signs about huge life moments, but putting this woman in my path to tell me about Smiley Pits could have also been a sign from God! (Just saying) Anyways, I get in contact with  Sara, one of the owners of Smiley Pits and tell her my dilemma. Within a few days a package arrived in the mail containing the cutest little packs of deodorant. You can see them for yourself hereOne of the things I adore about this product is that the owner’s kids picked the scent names and design!!! As a mom, there is nothing better than having your kids be huge advocates for your company!

I ripped open the package and rubbed on my Flower Power deodorant. The smell was very fresh. I told my husband “I felt like I had just lathered myself with soap in the shower, without ever getting undressed” This was huge for me. Finally the stale smells of active days was covered with the smell of Jasmine,Lavender and Geranium. Bonus points to Smiley Pits for making a deodorant that doesn’t need to be reapplied throughout the day!!!


The company was originally founded in hopes of making an all natural deodorant for kids. With all the chemicals being filtered into our bodies through everyday products, these Mom’s wanted to find the alternative. What’s humorous about all this is, Mom’s in the area started testing out their kids new deodorant and started using it for themselves.

So here I am, a thirty-one year old, mother of four, using an adorably packaged deodorant for kids and hoping you may want to try it as well!!! Truth is motherhood STINKS!!!! I am constantly on the go, running from point A to point B, I shower every other day and I’m usually covered in spit up. I started to believe my pores just gave up on me and began to retain the stench of children. If you are anything like me and your body is starting to do odd things after childbirth, you have kids who stink (WE ALL DO, its okay!) or you’re just an active gal who needs a deodorant that won’t fail on her, YOU HAVE TO TRY SMILEY PITS!!!

I rarely ever promote beauty and hygiene products because I feel most of them, I won’t use and I can’t afford. This is the one time I am breaking down that wall and saying “ TRUST ME, SMILEY PITS WORKS!”

Because I’m so thrilled to have you try it, use CODE: CAFFEINE3 for 10% OFF at Check out!!!



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    This great!😂 I’ll have to try it!

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