You may be a Natural Blonde if…

Natural blondes these days seem to be a rarity, like a unicorn in the Land of Oz.

Living thirty years as a natural blonde has had its ups and downs. Here are the top 13 things only a Natural Blonde will understand.

1)Brace yourself for being the butt of a thousand jokes. We all know that blonde jokes will stand the test of time. They will always be the go to punch lines for most conversations at parties or with friends. Learn to laugh along, honestly some of them are down right funny.

blonde joke

2) Realize that no matter how smart you are,everyone will consider you dumb upon meeting you. This is always a tough one to battle. No matter how much schooling and knowledge you have on any given situation,someone will always doubt your intelligence. Stereotypes are very real. So study up ladies we are always going to have to prove ourselves.

smart blonde

3) A blow dry after every hair cut is a necessity. I started to realize this in my teenage years. Blonde hair gives way to every misplaced hair or uneven trim. Layers work best because they hide any and all imperfections!

blonde hair

4)Yellow isn’t our top color choice in clothing. With blonde hair you have to be careful not to wash out your skin tone. With glowing hair and most likely a paler complexion, yellows aren’t our best friend. Stick with greens and blues ladies.


5)Yes we do love Cinderella as our go to Disney princess. As young, blonde haired, little girls we could all relate to the beauty of Cinderella and the way she rocked that stunning blue dress.


6)No I’m not a valley girl, nor do I talk like one. Thank you to all the classic TV shows and movies who have portrayed blondes as your ditzy friend from Cali. Not all blondes are from the west coast. (I type this laughing because I actually am from California)

valley girl

7) We couldn’t tell you what color number to use for our exact hair tone. You would not believe how many people ask me what color I use to get this shade of blonde. What products do you use? Who does your hair? How did you get your roots to blend so evenly? Seriously folks….my eyebrows are iridescent…I’m obviously a natural blonde.

blonde dye

8) We border between Albino and Miley Cyrus during her crazy bleached eyebrows phase. Look at any natural blonde in the summer time,with no makeup on and see if you can find her eyebrows or eyelashes. Ten points for those of you who can.

albino miley blonde

9)We are prone to aquire a few freckles. They are trade marks to our fair complexion and compliment our fun loving energy.


10)Our sidekick will always be a brunette. For every high energy,spunky,blonde there must be a level headed,wiser brunette friend to even her out.



11)Red Lipstick and Black Eyeliner must be used in moderation. Want to look like a goth chick? Slap on a little too much black eyeliner and you could become the next lead singer for a heavy metal band. Want to really stand out in a crowd? Try one coat of red lipstick against your fair skin and see if that doesn’t turn heads.

red lips

12) Our hair will do the following: turn green in chlorine,shed like a dog, look like we slathered it in oil after two days and look like our grandmothers when we apply too much dry shampoo. Long story short, as much as you want our color…having it naturally can be a pain in the ass to maintain.

chlorine hair

13) We ABSOLUTELY have more fun! It’s true what they say,blondes do have more fun. Life is sunnier and brighter in the world of a Blonde.

fun blonde




From your natural blonde blogger, thanks for reading along with my ramblings.a1

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